Mahanama Thero was born to a simple and a humble family in Bibiladeniye, a countryside village in the Northwestern province of Sri Lanka. He grew up with tender care of his parents in amidst of beauty of Sri Lankan nature and culture. As a playful child blooming towards the teenage, his life took a drastic turning point after a decade of his birth. In the age of ten with the blessings of his parents, he entered in to the monkhood in Robes, and embarked a different kind of a soulful journey in the path of the doctrine of Lord Buddha.

While he was in the monastery as a child Thero, learning the depth of life, he was groomed to master the riches Dhamma extensively. Then he gradually blossomed towards his youth with wise understanding knowledge and education in Buddhism, Buddhist culture and history as well as of the deep transcendental life beyond worldliness.

As his thoughts and life calms down in serenity, his mind and soul opened the doors toward a different avenue, an avenue of calming and treating the minds and souls through serenity of Music. There onwards he proceeded in that avenue and mastered music as a worldly subject in Eastern and western in Sri Lanka and India, under professional veteran guidance.

Since then, preserving and protecting the values of the Buddhist doctrine and the monkhood, Also exploring and creating novel dimensions of musical serenity to heal the minds and souls of the public, Rev. Bibiladeniye Mahanama Thero sails strongly and steadily in the deep seas of soulful musical creations, creating a unique identity of his own.

In his musical journey Rev. Bibiladeniye Mahanama Thero, yet has much more unheard and uncreated musical masterpieces, to be explored and created in time to come.