"Share the love Foundation" is the foundation for reputed art and sustainable environmental conservation and management with under guidance by Rev. Bibiladeniye Mahanama thero, for the upliftment of the student's communities and their activities and development programs. These are mainly meant for low income families where there are a tremendous amount of very talented youngsters who if nourished and equipped even with the basics, could be rising personalities in sports and various other activities, and also be good citizens of their communities bringing pride to the country by changing the face of the poverty stricken areas etc.. Into a better world, which we all humans are entitled too, and we "Share the love foundation" are totally dedicated to bringing this project to the highest level here and internationally too, with the inclusion of many other activities being possible based on our financial status.

“Akura” is one of our programs that is meant to help develop the low income family students, with their basic educational stationaries and other basic needs. The most affected areas are the North east, North Central, Uva etc., and our primary mission is to go to these places personally and look into their necessities with regards to their   educational needs.



Arogya is a truly dedicated project in helping the sick and old and feeble etc. many programs in various way held in helping the sick in hospitals in building up their inner strength and happiness, as in the cancer hospital children’s ward and at homes for the elders giving them happiness by making them feel accepted and still a part of society.

Helping to Flood affected People - Kaduwela [2016/05/25]

Donated basic toiletries to Flood Affected People

Donated basic Medicines, toiletries to Flood Affected People

“Money Cannot buy Happiness” Especially for children, as they are all filled with innocence, and the only thing that could give these under privileged children happiness just like any other child, is to have a toy to play with, and so the “Toys Library” let them play with toys of their choice in the particular center of distribution, and also could borrow a toy to play with at home and return it back to center for another toy, which gives these children the chance to learn and play with many different toys which is a plus point when growing up.

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